ORAJET® 3850 Translucent Calendered Digital Media

GALERIE GRAPHIC Backlit Display Film is a coated porous film specifically for use in light boxes and other backlit applications. It is compatible with both pigment and dye inks. The high opacity also gives the image excellent contrast even when the image is not backlit making it suitable for day and night applications. The film features: High colour saturation, Homogenous colour, High image quality, For use in lightboxes

3M EnvisionTM Print Wrap Film 480Cv3 -PVC Free

This our prefered self adhesive vinyl for a wide range of applications. It is environmentally conscious and performs great. A high performance non-PVC and phthalate free film offers great conformability for a wide range of longterm applications, such as indoor and outdoor signs, fleet, vehicle graphics, watercraft and textured walls. Due to its excellent conformability it allows even fleet and vehicle graphics installation on recesses and deep channels.

To protect graphics 3M recommends using the non-PVC and phthalate-free 3MTM EnvisionTM Gloss Wrap Overlaminate 8548G. Film 480Cv3 and overlaminate 8548G offer several environmental benefits. They contain no added chlorine or halogens, are made in part from bio-based materials and are manufactured using 60% less solvents than standard cast films.