Framing Service

Supreme Digital Framing Service


High volume Corporate and Hotel Framing

Hotel and Corporate wholesale printing and framing are produced by supreme digital. Working with interior designers or directly with developers on large projects we are able to produce from capture to crating and delivery. An example project is the Thompson Hotel in Miami. We produced 1400 prints and frames, they are carefully packaged in crates and shipped within a 30 days turnaround. Detailed quotes on wholesale jobs are available via email by contacting but please feel free to contact us with questions by phone as well.


Custom Framing Service

There are almost endless variations in framing. Determining the best way to treat a work is is as important as assembling a frame. We have determiined a standard frame and the pricing table on this page reflects that. The following prices include, FF3 Acrylic, acid-free backing, hanging hardware.

Please note that prices will vary depending on details, and larger frames may require a strainer for support which will add to the cost. Please contact us for frame prices larger than.

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